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    For God's sake, read the dang thing before you proclaim any thoughts on evolution!! Now it's online at your fingertips. Go. Read. Then, pontificate if you must.
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    The master site containing the most comprehensive of evolution and anti-evolution sites and information on the web. A model example of how to really teach the controversy.

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Congrats on the Blog Joe. And good job on the Demsbki review.

Les Lane

Just referred here by Panda's Thumb. Your FAQ on ID is wonderful. By the way ID also leads to bad thinking (which I presume lawyers should avoid).

Wesley R. Elsberry

More Dembski resources:

A bit dated (I had to buckle down and actually write my dissertation), but still covers a lot of Dembski's work through 2002.

A technical dissection of the "explanatory filter". Dembski only has a weak, airy dismissal as a response.

A thorough response to Dembski's "specified complexity" stuff.

And, of course, the chapter in "Why Intelligent Design Fails" from Rutgers University Press.



“I remember seeing a discussion like this involving whether or not beliefs can be harmful to a society on a Facebook community page”

Here's the video regarding evolution

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