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Very nice blog. I will come back to visit

Wedgie World

Excellent. Minor detail. Correct the word JUK to read JUNK in the blog description

Joe McFaul

Good catch, done!

scott pilutik

Great analysis, thank you for it and your blog. Despite your FAQ question about their being many blogs on the subject, there aren't that many lawyers arguing against ID. Thanks for recognizing the importance of the issue. Many people just think the ACLU will 'handle it' but I don't think enough people realize just how organized the Discovery Institute and its legion are this time around.

Regarding your assertion about the DI appealing Cobb County, I'll mention firstly that the DI had no input into this case (much to their consternation, as the lawyer who handled the case for the school district didn't call any of their experts). The DI has also made stated that it doesn't view Cobb County as the ideal case, and, as you posit, are indeed waiting for additional factors (turnover at SCOTUS, for one thing).

Anyway, keep up great work and I'll look forward to reading more in the future.

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