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  • Afarensis
    reality based humanoid's blog
  • Origin of Species Online
    For God's sake, read the dang thing before you proclaim any thoughts on evolution!! Now it's online at your fingertips. Go. Read. Then, pontificate if you must.
  • Talk Origins
    The master site containing the most comprehensive of evolution and anti-evolution sites and information on the web. A model example of how to really teach the controversy.

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John Jones




Excuse me, but your characterization of what my page says is absolutely false and deceptive. According to your blog, my site proclaims that "Intelligent Design is “A testable, falsifiable, predictive biblical creation model”" This is not what the page says. In fact, it says that ID is not a scientific theory because it lacks a model and fails to predict. So, you either 1) can't read or 2) are a liar. Either way, we have a problem here!
Rich Deem
Can Intelligent Design (ID) be a Testable, Scientific Theory?

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