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Your link to The Origin of Species is damaged; I think you substituted a space for a hyphen.


Let’s suppose a hypothetical person wrote a book about Christianity and Christian thought and only relies on fringe elements like:
Dan Brown, author of the Da Vinci Code
end quote

Dan Brown's contention of the alleged "facts" is pure myth and non-sense. You may want to try a websearch of scholar's review against Dan's book. This review of the Case of the Creator is somewhat at best vauge and narrow-minded. It even mentioned why Lee have not included Christian thinkers of history; the works of some Evolutionists where in reality is outside of the scope of the book. You cannot just put down everything in just one book but in volumes. There are books that are indicated at the end of every chapter both from ID and Evolutionist for the reader to study further. This review is pure non-sense.

Jeff Grace

Excellent analogy! I wouldn't have thought of it, but I think you're on to something. The problems with people arguing for ID are so multi-level. Not only is it bad theology and anti-science... it ends up mixing the two disciplines in such a way as to reverse centuries of rational thought, which includes theology. This mindset doesn't stay where it began either... it spreads like a fungus and pretty soon we're in it everywhere up to our collective arse!


I know I'm piling on six months too late, but better late than never.

Lee Strobel is engaged in a (very profitable) ministry of lying for Christ. In his _Case For Christ_, he cites "eminent archaeologist Dr. Jerry Vardaman's" insane microletters theory (that almost-invisible letters appear carved into Roman coins) to support a chronology that reconciles the obvious contradictions between Mark and Luke regarding Jesus's birth. Vardaman's "contribution" is to postulate that Quirinius was governor of Syria on two nonconsecutive occasions, and that the Romans commemmorated this fact by inscribing teeny-tiny letters on various coins.

Vardaman's theory is -- to put it mildly -- insane. Forget obvious problems like the fact that bronze coins tend to get worn down rather quickly or that the Romans never used this sort of microetching in any other endeavor; Vardaman's work supposedly transcribes THE LETTER 'J' from various coins -- despite the fact that the "J" wouldn't be invented for eight centuries!

Not only did Strobel take this nonsense at face value in _Case for Christ_ and in all subsequent reprintings -- Strobel is STILL PEDDLING IT TODAY when he thinks he can get away with it, even though he's been confronted with the truth on numerous occasions (including by me).

Yet on December 10, 2005, when appearing before an entirely sympathetic audience on FOX News, Stroble repeated the same ridiculous claims. Here's a link:

Strobel simply does not stand for any of the values one would hope to have associated with Christianity, and it's a sad sign that he's one of the most prominent contemporary apologists.

Joe McFaul

Gee, how does he explain the "INRI" thingee?


So Strobel presents his views.

So what? Do you think the current books like The End of Faith by the atheist Sam Harris (who justifies pre emptive nuclear strikes, p. 129) give an "even handed" treatment of the other side?

Hell no.

A book can only contain so much, and the only treatment the "other side" gets in books by Harris, Dennet, Dawkins and their kind is denigration and ridicule.

Quit lying about other Christians.

You know the Bible says you shouldn't do that.

Fellow Christian

We are are all Americans so we are free to believe or not believe in anything. We are currently living in a society of selfish freedom.

Laws change. God's Laws never change.

All I need is Jesus and my Bible : )

Rebecca, a Christian from England

The book is called 'The case for a Creator' not 'The case for Christianity'. I think it does what it says on the title, gives a case for a creator. I thought it was good!

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We are are all Americans so we are free to believe or not believe in anything. We are currently living in a society of selfish freedom.

Laws change. God's Laws never change.

All I need is Jesus and my Bible : )

The typical close-minded Christian decided to post, so atypical.

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