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Wesley R. Elsberry

Thanks, Joe. That's a great addition to the information I was putting together on PT.


Of course, the intent of the DI's claims is to shift the blame away from the old pro-creationist board, and onto the new pro-science board. Since this can't be done truthfully, it isn't done truthfully. I predict that the message will nonetheless resonate well with the target audience, which understands instinctively that lying's a virtue if you're lying for Jesus.

Joe McFaul

Wesley, your work was a gem! I was just adding $.02 to publicize it.

Now that there have been "adjustments" to the original posts at EN&V, your orignal post and follow ups are right on target.

Larry Fafarman

You completely falsified the Buckhannon opinion, which said in the first paragraph,

Numerous federal statutes allow courts to award attorney’s fees and costs to the "prevailing party." The question presented here is whether this term includes a party that has failed to secure a judgment on the merits or a court-ordered consent decree, but has nonetheless achieved the desired result because the lawsuit brought about a voluntary change in the defendant’s conduct. We hold that it does not. (emphasis added) From Buckhannon Board & Care Home, Inc. v. West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources, 532 U.S. 598 (2001)

My condemnation of the Dover school board's failure to repeal the ID policy in December is at --

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