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Dr X


I just came across your blog. Great work! I am a psychoanalytic psychologist and a Christian who takes the bible seriously. Not only do fundamentalists and creationists show a naive disdain for science, their parochial treatment of biblical scripture is naively disdainful of more thoughtful approaches to scriptural analysis. These people aren't simply anti-science, they are anti-intellectual.

Joe  Mc Faul

Dr X, I agree with you 100%. My concern is that Christians are also called to bring the Good News to all. When you're acting anti-scietific and anti-intellectual, it's kind of hard to carry out that Great Commission to peopel who are inclined to be either scientific or intellectual.

Kate Hillier (Miss)

I agree.
I now see God with his Help as fundamentally CREATING THE ACADEMY AND INTELLECTUALS which man has perverted and corrupted as per usaul. I fear for the reputation of the Kingdom from within the Academy of Christian matters.
but any good Christian would be great Scientists/Academics etc in the proper sense of the word.
Christians should be the BEST Scholars in the world not the least; this will affect admissions of believers into the Academy for fear of reasoning deficits(source hidden but genuine 2007).This ultimately harms the Glory of God which Creationists profess to worship-intellectually.

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