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Doc Bill

John West lies again?


Liz Craig

Actually, I believe the FSM was created to mock IDers' refusal to identify the Intelligent Designer. Some have said, "Why it could be space aliens! It could be anything! We just don't know, and we don't go there!"

So, if the Designer could be anything, then the FSM is one of the things the Designer could be. Heck, why not? It's new and creative. That space aliens thing is so 1950s. I can't believe we were created by Michael Rennie.

Emanuel Goldstein

Ah, LIZ CRAIG of the notorious Kansas Citizens for SCIENCE...Liz Craig whose admitted strategy as the "information officer" of KCFS was to smear opponents and smear Kansas in the process.

I wouldn't believe a damn thing she says.

Joe McFaul

Mr. Gopldstein insists on propogating the "Evolvign Creationist Canard."

What was I saying? That's right...they can't even lie accurately.

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