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  • Afarensis
    reality based humanoid's blog
  • Origin of Species Online
    For God's sake, read the dang thing before you proclaim any thoughts on evolution!! Now it's online at your fingertips. Go. Read. Then, pontificate if you must.
  • Talk Origins
    The master site containing the most comprehensive of evolution and anti-evolution sites and information on the web. A model example of how to really teach the controversy.

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James McGrath

There is a wonderful treatment of the scientific (and also the theological) problems with Intelligent Design in Francisco Ayala's recent book, Darwin and Intelligent Design. I highly recommend it (and I say more about it in today's post on my blog, at )


Great blog. Just a quick note here--in the links on the lefthand side of your page, you have a link to Respectful Insolence, Orac's blog. As a fan of Orac, I'm glad you included the link, but you spelled his name wrong. You have it spelled with a "K" instead of a "C". I know, I'm being nitpicky....


Orac, Orac.

My mercury caused autism is flaring up. Will be fixed. Thanks

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yes I agree to a certain extent. it still needs some work though.

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