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Mister DNA

To the portion of the population who feels they're being "attacked by the intelligent, educated segment of the culture", "elite" is indeed an insult.

by the way, would you happen to know if Casey Luskin is in any way related to the economist Donald Luskin? I thought I read somewhere that he's Donald's son, but I can't find any verification.

Great stuff; keep up the good work.


Ron Paul's economics advisor?

No comment.


I'm always glad to read your postings, Joe!

Accurate and well written.


"Epitaph?" I think you meant "epithet." Damn spellcheckers.

I can imagine a version of ID that fits the evidence: Something (might as well call it God) wrote the rules, set the initial conditions, and pushed the Big-Bang Button. He then sat back to see what would evolve, careful not to contaminate his experiment by sticking his hands in the works. It's not a theory, because it's untestable. Note that the observable universe is finite, so its creation would not require infinite resources. We could be a minor side effect of somebody's Science Faire project.

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