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  • Afarensis
    reality based humanoid's blog
  • Origin of Species Online
    For God's sake, read the dang thing before you proclaim any thoughts on evolution!! Now it's online at your fingertips. Go. Read. Then, pontificate if you must.
  • Talk Origins
    The master site containing the most comprehensive of evolution and anti-evolution sites and information on the web. A model example of how to really teach the controversy.

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Paul Maurice Martin

ID has to be true. George Dubya Bush has been two term leader of the free world.


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Mister DNA

That's sweet. When the gang at National Review can't even get behind one of Nixon's former speech writers, it's time to pack up and go home.

I'm not a fan of Derbyshire, but I love it when he puts a beatdown on ID.

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Id must be true and once.

Miroslav Miskovic

Scientific-technological revolution and the historical consciousness.The way how the mankind developed through last 40 000 years,expressed in terms of semiotics.

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