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I think some people dont understand having breathing problems in the first place then being exposed short term or long to molds sounds very...... close to what happened with somthing called asbestos. Personaly I think its going to bite for alot of folks very soon.

Joe McFaul

A good observation. There are a number of breathing difficulties and other health manifestations that could be said to be linked to mold exposure, when they are not.
It is very difficult to establish casuation of medical injury arising out of mold exposure. It would be very helpful if medical science can establish some clear indicators of symptoms specific to mold exposure.

Thanks for writing.

Home Inspector Tampa FL

Having Mold is a problem ...and some molds are difficult to handle.They are almosyt always dangerous for health.

Nyc Mold Inspections

True molds are very bad and unhealthy ...they may attack the respiratory tracts or even be cause of death.

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