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In his Commentary on the Torah, Richard Elliott Friedman proposes an interpretation I had never heard before. He concludes:

'In my own view, the present understanding of the nature of homosexuality indicates that it is not an "offensive thing" (also translated "abomination") as described in this verse. The Hebrew term for "offensive thing" (to'ebah) is understood to be a relative term, which varies according to human perceptions. For example, in Genesis, Joseph tells his brothers that "any shepherd is an offensive thing to Egypt" (46:34); but, obviously, it is not an offensive thing to the Israelites. In light of the evidence at the present, homosexuality cannot be said to be unnatural, nor is it an illness. Its prohibition in this verse explicitly applies only so long as it is properly perceived to be offensive, and therefore the current state of the evidence suggests that the period in which this commandment was binding has come to an end.'

However, Freidman also recommends that for difficult matters in the law, one turn to Deuteronomy 17:8-9, and the authorities of our own age. I'm kind of afraid to ask who those might be.


Unapologetic Catholic

I was hoping you'd comment. It seems at least soem of th difficlutly is a langauge problem. What is the exact Hebrew word used? Are there different ways of translation or interpreation over time? Are there different ways today? What are the various Jewish interpretations of this passage (They've been studying it longer than we have.)Do those make a difference? Are we overlooking any historical context?


Whoa, there UC! I'm teaching myself Hebrew, I'm not anywhere near proficient yet. However. When I have questions on a subject of Jewish law, I usually start at and sure enough they have a very good article there that answers many of your questions. The Torah commentary I cited in my earlier comment has a good deal more to say on Lev. 18:22. Freidman uses the translation "an offensive thing" as opposed to the word "abomination" which he remarks was used in older translations, but he doesn't cite a source for his use of "offensive thing." The exact word is (can you read this? I have Hebrew fonts installed) תּוֹעֵבָה which would be pronounced "to'eva" as far as I know. I hope that helps. You might check if Friedman's book is available in your local public library. Good luck!


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