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  • Pat Mulcahey's Caritas Christi Urget Nos
    a Deacon discerns the priesthood and shares his journey with us. God bless him! May Christ's love impel us all to answer His Call.
  • Cafeteria Catholic
    Demostrating yet again that the Catholic Cafeteria is as spiritually filling as the othodox deli.
  • Bad Catholic
    A "Bad in Name Only" Catholic voices strong opinions
  • Dappled Things
    Priests are busy. Thankfully, some blog, unapologetically
  • Disputations
    Criticial thinking of the highest order from a Venn Master, demonstrating that reason is the most effective apologetics
  • Journey to Vatican III
    Rebecca Nappi, Theologian and Newpaper Columnist with rare insights
  • Flos Carmeli
    Discussions in a Carmelite Tradition
  • The Lesser of Two Weevils
    A zen Catholic studying Hebrew and finding God in quantum physics is sure to have interesting things to say!
  • Built on a Rock
    Commentary on ecumenical issues is unsurpassed.
  • Noli Irritare Leones
    Yet another thoughtful calm commentary on religion, Catholics, politics and the world written by a non-Catholic.
  • Catholic Sensibility
    A "peace"ful website by a sensible Catholic liturgist usually avoiding the Catholic blog fratricide
  • Real Live Preacher
    OK, OK, He's not even Catholic--But he's a model for the unapologetic Christian who evangelizes with the lure of a Cristian life well lived and observed, not the hammer of screaming apologetics hellfire and brimstone.
  • Open Book
    Most unapologetic site by a true apologetic Catholic in the best sense of the word
  • Catholicism, Spirituality and Holiness
    Thoughtful Catholic man combines family, career and faith.

Noteworthy Catholic and Religious Blogs

  • A Cautious Man
    Pointing out that we could all be a little more cautious in forming our instant internet opinions. Heed his advice.
  • Beanbag Central
    Capital "C" equals Catholic Chaos at aptly named site.
  • Catholic and Enjoying It!
    Intentionally apologetic, can be over the top outrageous, provocative, but freqently informative, thoughtful and spirtitual
  • Fath Based Politiics
    Politics informed by faith--backwards from the usual. Maybe two ii's are better after all.
  • Musings of An Ordinary Catholic
    Not so ordinary musings
  • Ragamuffin Ramblings
    Words of wisdom from the Windy City
  • Sancta Sanctis
    You cannot miss Chesterton Thursdays! Comprehensive list of Catholic websites and a beatiful site that lives up to its name.
  • St. Blog's Parish Hall
    Graciously maintained by a holy person, whose virtue must be patience, a lengthy list of Catholic blogs, both apologetic and unapologetic.
  • The Squire
    Running from the thought police, and he's got a long way to go.
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Steve Bogner

I took a short cruise through the rest of that site and it was just creepy. Didn't quite know at times whether to laugh or cry, but ended up laughing.


I laugh at the geocentrism.

But the antisemitism is something else.

And the cowboy apologetics just leaves me shaking my head.


When Mark Shea was around he frequently complained about the stuff going on at Catholic Apologetic International. Fr example, they do not believe the earth revolves around the sun... okey doke. They're a little out there.

But I wouldn't go so far as to say apologetics doesn't work. Good apologetics, that is well reasoned, thought out and delivered works great!! That's what brought me back into the church.


Over at the Lidless-Eye blog, they've addressed this site in a pretty funny manner. check the 26 JAN entry

Unapologetic Catholic

Anthony, Thanks for the link and the heads up! The post is pertty funny bu tht earlier ones at the site pretty clearly demonstrate the problem.

Steven Riddle

Dear Unapologetic,

I tend to agree. This site is appalling. And more than the sheer bad taste of the beginning the blatant anti-semitism that permeates the discourse is nauseating.

Apologetics has its place. For those uncertain in their faith, it is a bulwark. For those called to talk to others it is a source of information and formation.

But too often apologists seem to have forgotten the dual command--"Be ye as wise as serpents AND as harmless as doves." They seem to glory in the "wise as serpents part."

However, had it not been for well-formed apologists--C.S. Lewis among them, I might never have found my way to the faith. So it is largely a question of balance and of humility.



Christopher Blosser

We can't discount apologetics as a practice -- or else we'd throw out a host of Catholic Saints and theologians (Aquinas? Justin Martyr?) and contemporary folk like Mark Shea, Scott Hahn, Karl Keating, Catholic Answers, etc.), who certainly are a credit to their profession.

However, we're talking about Robert Sungenis and Catholic Apologetics International, staunch defenders of geocentrism. ;-)

Unapologetic Catholic

I think Steven Riddle and Elena both make good points, and Christopher has a point too--aplogetics has its place, but the key as noted is balance and humility. I often see those qualities lacking.

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