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Y'know, I think I am finally understanding a bit about this subject. And maybe I'm even getting a glimmer of why it is so important. I really enjoyed Lamoureux's paper, especially the section on pastoral implications:

What happens to the child who is taught Johnson's progressive creationism in a Christian school or a Church Sunday school, and then he or she sees the scientific data for evolution first hand in the paleontological museum at the university? I, like others, have seen this scenario actually unfold with the disastrous spiritual consequences.

This brings it home for me.

Thanks for posting this.

Unapologetic Catholic

That's my biggest gripe-- If you find out that your local Church peopel are telling falsehods about such an important thing you begin to wonder if they got anything right.

Also many people are ready to be religious but when drivel is delivered with apparent approval by a church, people will reject that church. We shouldn't make it more difficult than it already is to join the Catholic Church.

Steve Bogner

My boys have learned about evolution in their Catholic school for years now. Evolution fits right in with the Montessori approach they use there. ID, to my knowledge, has never even been looked at as an option.

Unapologetic Catholic

Cathoilcs, and catholic schools don't have a problem with evolution. In fact, in resposne to you earlier post, that was one more reason to send my sons to catholi schools--the evolution wouldn't be short shrifted or watered down as it was in public schools. On the other exreme, many homeschooling resources teach Intelligent Design, doing a great disservice to their children. In the creationist evolution debates, it's almost always a fundamentalist protestant led battle, although there are a few fundamentalist Catholics as well.


Irrespective of ID, darwinism is so full of philosophical errors, voodoo science, and outright deception that one can be forgiven for deciding it scarcely merits being called a hypothesis, let alone a theory.

Most of darwinism's devotees are avowed free thinkers/atheists. They're visibly impatient with religion in general and with Christianity in particular. This latter perhaps more than any other, seems to be the defining feature of the system. Darwinists may not be able to agree on anything else, but they're quite united in their unhappiness with Christianity.


I'm reading this with interest while trying, as Catholic homeschoolers, to choose a good science text for my 9th grader. I agree with what you have said but am left with few options in regard to good science textbooks. I understand that the Prentice Hall books are, sadly, fraught with scientific errors. Any other ideas?


So you believe in God, but think everything evolved from nothing by random, unobserved and unguided chance. You sir, are one extremely mixed up human being.

Frank DeAngelis

Evidently, the philosophical and metaphysical presuppositions extant in neo-Darwinian theory are unknown by the author. The incompatibility between neo-Darwinian evolution and the concept of the Creator God revealed in Genesis are so polar, so at odds, that any attempt to merge the two is an excercise in futility. So they have opted for a third option -- reject the historic understanding of the Church in regard to Genesis and kneel before the altar of atheistic Darwinism in order to garner secular acceptance.

Where to spend those 30 pieces...

The fact is, the Catholic church as an organization -- but thankfully not all Catholics -- has taken its cue (ironically) from Liberal Protestantism. A theology and Bible gutted of its foundational premise, a theology and Bible totally disconnected with the real space-time universe in any meaningful way.

These people are embarassed by the historical claims of the Bible and have attempted to redefine them, totally apart from the literary genre of Genesis (it is historical narrative -- just say you don't believe in it, don't redefine it as "poetry") and any serious exegesis of the text.

In may ways, the Catholic Church, like Liberal Protestantism, is post-Christian. When the Son of Man returns, will He find the faith?

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